Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is there anyone still reading this blog?

Hello there, It's been a while so since the last time I've been doing... bla bla bla bla.. and among other things I'm writing my own PhotoBlog service.

Everything started when me and +Aleksandra were looking for a photo hosting services that would offer a nice portfolio for her photos. Luckily enough we couldn't find anything that would suits us and I decided to write my own PhotoBlog service entirely on Google App Engine.

Couple of weeks later you can already try it at Aleksandra's Portfolio and I would really appreciate if you could give me some feedback. Try navigating through all photos using only the arrow keys. It's pretty cool! ;) Please be gentle and remember that this is an early beta and lots of features are still missing.. :)

If you liked it and you also want to use it for your personal photos, ping me and you might become one of my beta testers!


Finteias said...
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Finteias said...

No comments doesn't mean no readers.
Keep working.